Amazon Company victory in battle over the domain name


Amazon company domain name

E-commerce giant Amazon was on its way to run its online neighborhood on May 20, as the Internet address keeper gave the company an “.amazon” domain.

After years of waiting for alliances between the United States online retail counter and South American countries, “.amazon,” ends with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to resolve its fight over Internet address rights ( ICANN) took sides for this. With a Seattle based company

Amazon Domain Name

In 2012, Amazon applied for two international versions named “.amazon” and. Brazil and several other countries put the American company on notice that they were opposed to the idea.

Brazil’s Foreign Ministry argued on its website, “Due to its indefinite semantics of Amazon One, that domain should not in any way monopolize the company.” “Conversely, it is essential that the state concerned be able to access and use the management’s name to protect and promote the regional economy, along with the natural, cultural and symbolic heritage of the Amazon region.” Digital inclusion of the population living there. ”

Amazon company domain name

ICANN said that all the concerns involved have been balanced and it is hoped that the company’s application for the domain will work to address the internet firm and the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization member states.

“MTTO said,” ACTO and Amazon Corporation are unable to come to a mutually acceptable solution or agree to extend the time for continued discussion. “” In light of this, the board is now moving forward with the next steps … and directing ICANN org. To continue with delegation .AMAZON applications. ”

Domain Name of Amazon Company

According to established procedures for awarding new domain names, there will be a public comment period.

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry said it feared that the ICANN decision did not adequately cover the interests of South American governments and undermined the rights of sovereign states.


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